We use trusted and safe platform for our customers so you can hire us confidently. You can hire us on FiverrFreelancer and PeoplePerHour

Yes We take pride in being able to offer the highest quality, most professional and affordable services

Yes, of course. One incredible thing about WordPress is that you can easily log in as site admin and make any of the changes to the content that you like. 

We assure you that we have a dedicated team that is responsible for getting back to you instantly. However, as we operate in Spain and Pakistan there may be some time difference that can cause slight delays. Some of the queries that you send may reach us in our offline hours. If this happens, we will make sure that we get back to you the very next day. Revision turnaround time obviously depends on the comments that you make but on average it does not take us more than 48 working hours to deliver your changes.

WordPress is one of the most updated software that is updated around 4-8 times a year. With regular updates, the security of the WordPress website is ensured.

Yes. We do implement additional customization in WordPress. Please contact us and share your requirements with us.