We will Fix Outdated PHP Version Warning in WordPress for $10

Sites that choose to remain on PHP 5.5 or below will still be able to receive security updates and perhaps some bug fixes, but they won’t have the opportunity to use the most up-to-date and major WordPress version until they go through the upgrade procedure of their PHP.

Prior to the long-anticipated release of WordPress 5.0, it was declared that the CMS aims to fully support version 7.3 of PHP in its release. Currently, the official requirements page suggests that in order to run WordPress, your host needs to support 7.3 or greater. It’s no wonder that the decision to have this warning appear for sites was taken after the release of the 5.0 branch of WordPress.

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 If there are PHP-related issues on your server, your website will perform poorly even if your visitor is using the fastest wifi connection, an optimized browser, and the best computer in the world. None of it will make a difference.

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