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How to Install RealHomes Real Estate WordPress Theme With Demo Contents

Upload realhomes.zip & Activate

Go to Appearance → Themes section and click Add New

Click Upload Theme

Choose the realhomes.zip file and press Install Now

Once the theme is uploaded, then you need to activate it.

After theme activation, you will be redirected to the RealHomes welcome page. Here you select your desired design variation and click the Save Changes button.

After RealHomes Purchase Verification, a notice will be displayed at the top asking you to install and activate the required plugins. So, go ahead and click on Begin installing plugins.

On the next page, you will see the list of plugins to install. Please select all the plugins and click on Install and then click on Apply to install all of them at once

After all the plugins are installed, click on Return to Required Plugins Installer.

Once again, select all the plugins and click on Activate and then click on Apply to activate all the plugins and you are done.

Go to Dashboard → Settings → Permalinks and choose Post name from Common Settings and save the changes.

Go to Real Homes → Demo Import to import demo data. There are several demos available to import.

Move the pointer to the demo, and you will have two buttons, “Preview Demo” and “Import Demo.” Click on the Import Demo button to import your desired demo.

The Demo Import process will install any missing plugins (if any), so click on the Continue & Import button to confirm the operation.

You should wait for few minutes while the demo images are (downloaded). This process can take a couple of minutes (depending on the speed of your hosting server).

Once the import process is complete, You will see a notice that the import is complete.

You can click on Visit Site to see your website after importing the demo content. In case of any problem, Get in touch with our support team using our support site.

How to Install RealHomes Real Estate WordPress Theme With Demo Contents Video Guide