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How to import elementor template kit properly

ThemeForest is one of the websites to get an Elementor template kit. You can get a template kit from a wide range of categories. It can be installed directly from elementor library but in many cases you many not get the dummy data exactly as shown in template kit.

In order to import the elementor template kit follow below steps:

  1. Install and activate Elementor plugin.
  2. Most of the Elementor Template Kits are compatible with “Hello Elementor” theme. So install and activate that theme.
  3. Now install ” Template Kit import” plugin from envato.
  4. Now go to “Tools” option and click on template kit.

import elementor template kit

5. Click the plus button to upload the ZIP file of your template kit.

6. Your template kit might require extra plugins to work properly. If it does, you can click the Install Requirements button on the upper-right corner to install the required plugins.

elementor template kit install plugins

7. Once the required plugins are installed, you can start to import the templates offered by the template kit. Simply click the Import Template button to import each template.

elementor template kit import

8. Once a template is successfully imported, you will see two buttons on the associated template. You can click the View Template button to view and edit the imported template on the Elementor editor.

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